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Featured in HuffPo

Petition to Marc Maron (lock the gates)

Mark finally performs on a few podcasts

It was time. Read more

Mark Vigeant
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Featured in Breitfart

Petition to Lorne Michaels / Lorde

Brave Comedian Releases Character Reel

With the support of millions, brave comedian Mark Vigeant cobbled together a reel of his favorite characters. Read more

Mark Vigeant
78,559,930 supporters
Featured in NY Times

Petition to Dad

Father announces he's "no longer ashamed" son is a comedian

Despite all odds, Mark's father renounced his previous position of "embarrassed and ashamed." Read more

Mark Vigeant
2,231,589 supporters
Featured in NY Times

Petition to John Internet

Funny picture taken with celebrity

After surviving for 24 years without once spotting a celebrity willing to pose for a photograph, Mark found salvation. Read more

Mark Vigeant
420,000 supporters
Featured in Twitter dot com

Petition to @dril

Tweet re-tweeted over 200 times

He achieved his goal within hours Read more

Mark Vigeant
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Featured in Playboy (nudes)

Petition to Andrew W.K.

Mark engages in 100% sincere conversations throughout entire party

Using all the resources he had available to him, Mark was able to talk without jokes or bits for an entire party. Read more

Mark Vigeant
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Featured in The Connecticut Post

Petition to Former President Barack Obama

Recognize Mark Vigeant as the best comedian in the United States

It is REALLY heartbreaking for me to say but the beloved Mark Vigeant is not currently recognized as the best comedian in the United States! We need to correct the fat cats in Washington! Read more

Mark Vigeant
22,000,000 supporters
Featured in InfoWars

Petition to The 1%

Make Banana Costumes Less Expensive

The "man" is charging top-dollar for the most primitive of human needs. Our freedom Read more

Mark Vigeant
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Petition to NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, Comedy Central, IFC, HBO, and PornHub

Stop airing television shows that aren't written by or featuring Mark Vigeant

It's not fair, and it has to stop. Read more

Mark Vigeant
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In the Media

" has emerged as one of the most influential channels for furthering Mark's career in the whole country."

The New York Times