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Mark finally performs on a few podcasts

Mark Vigeant New York City, NY

Did you know, every day, thousands of comedians record podcasts and most of them have guests on them as part of a strategy to attract more listeners? I believe that this auditory "content" needs more participation—from me.

There are so many reasons to have me be a guest on your podcast—warning, the following information may make you upset.

Many comedians who guest on podcasts aren't as funny as I am. Allowing them to be your guest but not me is like endorsing bad comedy.

I am very funny and charming. These qualities make me, like, perfect for a semi-structured / improvised podcast situation.

I appeal to you to act in the interest of making podcasts more funny. I must be a guest on some podcasts.

By signing my petition, you're joining a global movement with like-minded people who want me to be in as many funny podcasts as possible.

Thank you.

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Marc Maron (lock the gates)

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Petition update 2170 days ago

Nice, I was on a podcast

Here is me on the podcast Hit the Mark. My name is Mark!

Petition update 2170 days ago

Wat lol? I was on a podcast!

Uh oh! Random alert! I was on Snap Impression! Listen!

Petition update 2170 days ago

Dope! I was on a podcast!

Listen to the Ten Ideas podcast, starring me!

Petition update 2170 days ago

Shnips! The Trumpet Boys were on a Podcast!

Listen to the Trumpet Boys on an episode of Dale Radio!

Confirmed victory

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