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Brave Comedian Releases Character Reel

Mark Vigeant New York City, NY

Character work is one of the greatest skills for a comedian to have in our time. It makes comedians target the people of our planet—especially the weirdest and most vulnerable. It makes our children laugh. It is time for Mark Vigeant to wake up and take action—he needs to make a reel of his best characters.

As citizens motivated by faith and other moral traditions, we recognize that Mark has a grave obligation to make this reel.

We call on you to respond urgently to the hilarity of Mark's many silly characters. We need bold action like this to make it so Mark spreads his talents to the widest audience possible. Currently his audience is an unacceptably low amalgamation of friends and family members.

Join us by calling on your country's head of state to tell Mark to create a 100% renewable Character Reel and put it on YouTube by 2016. Let us act now, boldly and together, to build a better life for all!

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Lorne Michaels / Lorde

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Petition update 2126 days ago

Goal Achieved!

After roughly 22 thousand hours of hard work and sweat, Mark was able to comb through all of his best characters and create a character reel that has been seen by as many as 500 people. Watch it Here!

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