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Father announces he's "no longer ashamed" son is a comedian

Mark Vigeant New York City, NY

My father Fred is a great man who has worked as a public school teacher for over a decade, served in our Nation's army in Viet Nam, and volunteered countless hours to local Scouting organizations and Churches. And right now, he is publicly embarrassed of the work I do as a comedian.

After living my early life as a good boy who did everything he was told, I decided to abandon my schooling as an Engineer and devote my time to making comedy. On the afternoon of September 30th, 2012, I released a mildly inappropriate video and shared it on the Internet and my Dad commented "I am embarrassed and ashamed" on the Facebook post.

The whole ordeal is a nightmare. One minute, I was expecting a nice phonecall with my Dad on Father's day, and the next, I realized our relationship was slightly awkward.

I need all of you who read this to help me send a message to my Dad, and ask him to do what is right and accept the fact that I will do nothing constructive with my career and instead pursue the selfish ideal of entertaining others.

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I think he's happy I play trumpet again!

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