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Funny picture taken with celebrity

Mark Vigeant New York City, NY

I was outraged to learn that most of my friends have funny pictures of themselves with celebrities of some kind and I don't.

Working in comedy, I see the viral effects of social media posts that feature a comedian making a funny face next to a famous person. And as a human being, I know that that celebrities are awesome.

The last thing I need is for everyone in my social circle except me to have hilarious pictures of themselves with celebrities of every caliber.

Please join me in urging a celebrity of some kind to take a photo with me wherein I shall make a funny face and hopefully get a bunch of likes online.

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John Internet

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Petition update 2126 days ago

Anthony F*eaking Weiner!?!?!

DUDE! Yes! This is the PERFECT guy to take an ironic photo with. YES. YES. YES. WE DID IT!!!

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