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Stop airing television shows that aren't written by or featuring Mark Vigeant

Mark Vigeant New York City, NY

Mark Vigeant is a magnificent comedian, yet startlingly, Mark has exactly zero input about any television programs currently airing. Each of the dozens of television shows on the air are created, written, and performed by completely different people. We deserve better.

It is time we end this madness and give Mark every slot for every show so that he can start putting into production his very most exciting and original television show ideas.

Every decent human being deserves to see "Pizza Cop," "Straight Guy / High Guy," "Analyze These," "Untitled Show About Dads," "Topical Comedy Sucks," and "Turkey Meat Gameshow." Not to mention "Cheese Chasers: Miami," "Sexy Animals," and "Game of Thrones Except With Mark as a Character." Don't take this chance away from them.

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NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, Comedy Central, IFC, HBO, and PornHub

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Petition update 2126 days ago

I briefly made content for the internet!

Go to my YouTube page to see the dope videos I made for before they laid us all off!

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