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Mark engages in 100% sincere conversations throughout entire party

Mark Vigeant New York City, NY

It's my party, I can talk sincerely if I want to.

They say that some comedians are "always on" and that unfortunately includes chill-ass gatherings among friends both comedian and non-comedian alike. While a growing number of comedians have committed to being more sincere when they talk with people at parties, Mark Vigeant continues to "joke around" even when he isn't in the mood.

Comedians who don't stop making jokes are widely considered some of the most egregious companions at a party.

Please sign this petition telling Mark Vigeant to adopt a 100 percent joke-free party policy, including an aggressive phase-in timeline, for all parties held by chill folks both in New York and elsewhere.

The party-goers deserve your voice.

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Andrew W.K.

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Petition update 2235 days ago

You Did it! M-T-V Goes Joke-Free!

Thanks to you and more than 400,000 other caring party-people who signed the petition, Mark Vigeant has announced his commitment to sincere conversation at parties!

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This petition made change with 696,969 supporters!